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Description:   AVI-LYTE©PLUS is a powerful advanced nutritional supplement and biological stress product combining the powers of probiotics, acidification, electrolyte therapy and supplemental vitamins/minerals.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS is a balanced comprehensive formula specifically for birds.


General Health Benefits:  It maximizes the overall health of any pet bird.  It is an excellent preventative and safeguard against many potential problems.  It increases the rate of absorption of nutrients out of the food.  It improves a bird’s alertness.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS provides essential elements that may be missing in a seed diet.  It enhances the strength of healthy birds as well as sick or stressed birds.


Ingredients:  AVI-LYTE©PLUS contains over thirty top-quality nutrients, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, essential amino acids, enzymes and other ingredients formulated to optimize the bird’s overall health. Included in AVI-LYTE©PLUS are B-complex vitamins like biotin involved in the maintenance of healthy skin, feathers, feet and footpads. It also contains calcium, one of the most important minerals for a bird’s health.  Vitamin levels and bio-availability (ease of nutrient absorption) vary widely among feeds and within a foodstuff class.  Supplementation insures adequate amounts.  Additionally, it contains the “probiotic” microbial species lactobacillus acidophilus and streptococcus faecium.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS positive bacteria are microencapsulated to insure stability.  It also has a unique combination of digestive enzymes to ease and facilitate nutrient absorption.  It provides essential amino acids vital to growth and proper protein metabolism. 


Areas of Effectiveness:


Stresses: Birds are high stress animals and especially prone to a wide-range of stress related difficulties.  These may include: diet deficiencies, molting, safety concerns, temperature change, breeding, trauma, antibiotic and medical treatment, overcrowding, new surroundings, etc.  These stresses are cumulative.  The most common symptoms of stress include feather picking, changes in feather coat/quality, loose stools, appetite loss, weight loss, change in feather coat, dehydration and listlessness.


Because of the nature of these symptoms, birds have become vitally dependent on beneficial bacteria (probiotics) living in their intestinal system.  Environmental stresses reduce the number of good bacteria.  When this occurs, bad bacteria increases, adding to the stress situation.  Probiotics suppress the growth of harmful organisms.  Probiotics contained in AVI-LYTE©PLUS, the "good guys," aid in absorption of vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, and essential fatty acids.  They even help synthesize certain vitamins necessary for body metabolism.  Since nutrient absorption and proper metabolism are essential to the health of any bird and are the first factors affected by stress, it is important that these "good guys" be available when stress occurs.


Feather Picking: Picking is one of the major problems with pet birds today.  It is especially serious in certain high-strung and sensitive birds.  Picking is mostly the result of accumulated stresses in a bird’s living conditions, which the bird cannot resolve.  It is also believed that sugar-based diets, like pellets, and sugary treats contribute to picking behavior.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS aids in restoring the natural balance lost in the internal systems as a result of these adverse environmental conditions. 


Illness:   One of the more common stresses to the internal systems is the treatment of sick birds with antibiotics. Antibiotics sharply alter the bal­ance between the "good and bad" bacteria by drastically reducing both.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS helps speed up Mother Nature by supplying millions of scientifically adapted, microencapsulated living lactobacilli to the bird in each dose.  It aids in restoring the natural balance lost as a result of adverse environmental and medical conditions.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS further strengthens the bird’s immune system and general health with its potent mix of supplemental vitamins and minerals. 


Fluid Balance:  Stressed or sick birds often consume low amounts of feed, but continue to drink water. AVI-LYTE©PLUS is water-soluble and allows birds to receive electrolytes and vitamins despite stress and low food intake.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS helps maintain normal fluid balance.  Electrolytes and other ingredients have a stabilizing effect during emergencies and crisis. 


Age/Nutrient Absorption:  Nutrient absorption and proper metabolism are essential to the health of the bird and are the first factors affected by stress.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS is especially helpful for baby birds, aging birds and birds under stress.  It provides essential amino acids vital to growth and proper protein metabolism.  Baby birds are born with a sterile gut and rely on nature to provide whatever positive bacteria are available.  It is important to provide probiotics to maintain a natural balance in the gut.  Probiotics suppress the growth of harmful organisms.  The use of AVI-LYTE©PLUS also eases and facilitates the bird parent’s ability to feed their babies and maximizes the benefits of any food ingested by the nestling. 


As birds age, genetic and physical weaknesses become more evident.  Kidney and liver problems and such phenomenon as “going light” are also more apt to occur at this time.  The long-term use of poor diets accelerates and worsens these and other problems.  AVI-LYTE©PLUS helps slow, counter and overcome some of these problems and associated difficulties.  Birds of any age benefit from AVI-LYTE©PLUS.  


Anti-pathogen:   AVI-LYTE©PLUS contains organic acids to lower pH of drinking water to enhance digestive enzyme action and discourage coliform growth.  It has anti-pathogen effects.  Acidification creates an environment favorable for protective, beneficial microbes like lactobacillus acidophilus, but unfavorable for the growth of pathogens like E. coli.


Usage:  For maximum protection and optimal health AVI-LYTE©PLUS should be used often.  A medium “salting” on a daily basis is recommended for the general health of a normal bird.  It’s 100% water solubility allows for rapid absorption and use in an emergency to help stabilize vital systems.  Refrigerate AVI-LYTE©PLUS to protect the value of the nutrient content.


AVI-LYTE©PLUS alone as a supplement will improve your birds general health and recovery from stress or illness.  It is very effective when used in any rehabilitation efforts.  It maximizes the overall health of any pet bird.


To ensure your bird's optimum health on a continuing basis, AVI-LYTE©PLUS should be used in combination with SUPER MIX and DERMACARE.  These products are available through Brightwood Bird Clinic.  Please contact us for more information.


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