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SUPER MIX is all natural, balanced in nutrition, and does not contain any fillers, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors or sugars.We use only the highest quality ingredients.All of our ingredients are tested to a human quality level, which is much purer than the normal agricultural level of other diets. This helps protect against unwanted pathogens.


SUPER MIX is a seed mix with supplementary powdered nutrients.It is high in protein for the health of the birds, high in quality carbohydrates for energy and low in fat.It also contains many vitamins and minerals including calcium and B-vitamins, which are two of the most important nutrients for birds.SUPER MIX maximizes bird nutrition and is cost effective.You get more for your money in quality of nutrition with no waste.


Too much fat is an important health concern for captive birds and interferes with the birdsí willingness to ingest other food items of more importance to their health.The typical commercial seed mix runs from about 12% fat up to 26% fat, which is far too much for a captive bird!SUPER MIX contains only 4% fat.


Typical commercial mixes are also easy for birds to unbalance (if they have any balance to begin with).Even though SUPER MIX is a small seed mix, the larger birds eat it readily and cannot unbalance it as they can with a larger type mix.In addition, typical commercial mixes contain items such as sunflower seeds, preservatives, sugars, and fillers that adversely affect birdsí behavior, including picking.About 85% of the problems you can have with a bird are nutritionally related.This is especially true with high-strung and high-energy birds such as conures and African Greys.Fillers waste your money and make a mess.Preservatives contribute to picking behavior and other problems.Sugar base diets (like pellets) and sugary treats are big problems for pet birds in that yeasts and bacteria thrive on them.SUPER MIX does not contain any negative ingredients.


Today, many veterinarians and others say that seeds are not good for the bird, but they are wrong.It is natural for birds to eat seed.Their genetic make-up since the days of dinosaurs tells them to eat seed along with some supplementary foodstuffs.Left to their own in the wild they would eat a balanced diet.As captives in homes and aviaries, they are at the mercy of their caregivers and cannot automatically balance their diet.The only reason vets say seed diets are not good is that a seed only diet may lack certain nutrients.Due to the added nutrient powders, SUPER MIX is complete in all necessary nutrition.


Some veterinarians also recommend pellets.Vets don't have the time to do research of their own and they recommend whatever someone "reliable" told them.If you knew the source of some of the items in the pellets, you would never consider feeding them to your birds.Pellets are expensive, wasteful, and not always as high in quality nutrition as we are led to believe.Pellets are also sugar based which can be hazardous to your birdsí health.Pellets are not the ultimate avian diet yet, whereas a balanced seed diet has been successful for eons of time.


SUPER MIX is the result of much research and over twenty years of use in our own aviary of over 300 birds of 30 different kinds from finches to macaws.You can have faith in what we recommend because we have outstanding credentials and specialize in bird nutrition and behavior as well as bird care seminars.We currently have satisfied customers all over the United States.


To ensure your bird's optimum health on a continuing basis, SUPER MIX should be used in combination with AVI-LYTE©PLUS and AVIAN SKIN CARE.These products are available through Brightwood Bird Clinic.Please contact us for more information.


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